Download your Gifted "I am Worthy, I am Beautiful Self Love Meditation"

A Gift of Self Love

Loving yourself is not easy when you experience rejection and pain or go through a sense of loss. Major events such as a divorce or a burnout can make you feel disillusioned and disempowered and abandoned by the Divine.

I believe we are all meant to feel joyful and empowered creators, but this can only happen when we create a solid foundation of Self Love within ourselves. I know you are loved and valued beyond measure, except you have forgotten this. So how about you decide to start loving yourself today?

With this Self Love meditation you are invited to:

  • feel worthy (again)
  • reconnect with your Heart
  • be empowered
  • Arrive in a place of loving acceptance



Meet Eveline

Eveline has been on her own journey of Self love. After going through 2 divorces and a burnout, she has created a solid anchor of self love within herself. Presently she is teaching high frequency entrepreneurs who have lost connection with their Divine Loving Self, to reconnect with themselves through alignment of the Soul. Eveline is an Oracle and Soul alignment coach living in the Netherlands, who lovingly guides her clients to a state of Soul Radiance .

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